Banana Republic Demo

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‘Banana Republic’ Demo (Instrumental)

Our forum’s first anniversary

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Our forum Pixels ( ) is one month old !
The forum is intended for Modelers, Riggers, Animators and Designers.
It contains book and hardware reviews, video tutorials, interviews with animation professionals, tips & tricks and much, much more.

After our first month we are happy to say that we were able to welcome 5000 visitors from over 27 different countries.

Now although we are very pleased with the number of guests checking out our forum, we are really looking for contributors and signups. The more people that post, share, teach and learn, the more valuable the forum will become. So if you are a digital artist into modeling, rigging, animating or designing, please check us out !

We are looking forward to say hi !

Mike Hermes

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Gran Torino (Demo)

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I wrote this song immediately after watching the film ‘Gran Torino’ starring Clint Eastwood, therefore that’s what I called it. I’ve only recorded one verse and it was produced mainly using Garage Band instruments therefore I haven’t really performed most of it myself, something which I’ll do in the future. Currently working on the lyrics, therefore will record a vocal track in due course. I hope you enjoy it, any feedback would be welcomed.

‘Gran Torino’ Demo (Instrumental)


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When I was (much) younger, I seem to remember my school report almost invariably  including two things: -

a) High potential;

b) Easily distracted;

Fifteen years later I’m only just starting to realise that they were flipping right (know-it-all teachers!); well about the easily distracted bit anyway; the jury’s still out on the ‘high potential’ bit.

So I’ve now concluded that distraction is one of my greatest enemies (no doubt amongst other hitherto unnoticed peccadillos of mine) and this year I pledge to get a handle on it (obviously that doesn’t include writing spontaneous blog post like this one).

I’m sure you are the same; facebook, twitter, youtube, tumbler, picking your nose; they can be fantastic social, communication and networking tools but also epic wastes of time (obviously not wordpress though); so the goal for me is to get the balance right and use what precious little spare time I have actually doing productive things.

Thoughts/comments from others on how you deal with this ‘challenge’ would be welcome.



‘Take it from me’ Demo

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This was the second song I ever wrote.  I wrote it when my sister was having a difficult time and I was unable to help her, as her suffering was all a bit self-inflicted.  However, I realised by the end of the song, that I have the same kind of self-inflicted  suffering; only the topics are different.  Note the last line in the lyrics.

‘Take it from me’ Demo (Instrumental)
‘Take it from me’ Lyrics

You straighten your crown and you never look down;
But still it doesn’t seem…enough (it’s tough);
You put on a face, you forget your grace;
But still it doesn’t seem…too much (enough);

Look into the eyes of the ones you idolise and you’ll see;
That fear’s replaced their souls, but damn they wear good clothes; do you see?
Manumission’s in your hands, but do you understand, it’s on you?
Yer head and shoulders above the rest but you never would have guessed, it hurts you;

They’re magnified a thousand times, they fill your mind;
And tell you…they’re you (it’s not true);
Promises of breaking through;
The only life that you ever knew…it’s not new (and it’s not you);

Yer fuel for the wheels of the economic deals that turn you;
Smiling faces all around; no one seems to frown besides you;
Oh you…your reflection seems to ask, who?
Oh you…the stars above you seem new;
Imagined rivals never rest, until they’ve got the best of you;
So get up off your knees you have all you’ll ever need besides you;

Lies are told and pieces of gold;
Are used to see that you…aren’t you (but who?);
Fortune and fame or hurt and shame;
It’s all the same, you know…it’s true (for you);

Take it from me, just sit around drinking tea and let’s see;
If the clowns come crashing down, not to worry, not to drown; lets just be;
Refuse the gravity and let us all forever be in levity;
But I didn’t even know what I really ought to know, that you’re me.

I’m playing catch up on WordPress’s ‘Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog‘ series, and it’s day 16 (well it is for me at least) and the title of the challenge is ‘Making a Writing Prompt Your Own’.

Today’s assignment is to publish a post based on your own, personalised take on ‘today’s Daily Prompt‘, which is: -

‘Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?’

My response: -

Well, I don’t think I have much of a reputation, and if I do, it’s probably one I wouldn’t agree with or wouldn’t be proud of.  

So instead of writing about nothing or about what I assume people think about me, the following is a list of ten words that reflect the reputation I’d like to have or at least I’d like to work towards: -

  1. Supportive;
  2. Creative;
  3. Humble;
  4. Fair;
  5. Balanced;
  6. Self-sufficient;
  7. Charitable;
  8. Collaborative;
  9. Reliable;
  10. Productive;

I recognise that this is just a list of positive-sounding words that most would agree are respectable traits to have and there are many more that I can think of.  However, these were the firsts words that came to my mind (it took me only a couple of minutes to list them), therefore they probably represent those aspects of my character that I think are most important at the moment.  They are not listed in any order of importance however; just the order they came to my mind.

I challenge you reading this to do the same: 10 words that describe the person you’d like to be (or traits of your character that you’re most proud).  You don’t have to share these with anyone, but if you want to, either include them in the comments to this post or create a post on your own blog.

I apologise if this is an old exercise that most people following the ZTH series have already mastered.  If you have already tackled this assignment, post a link to your response in the comments, I’d be interested in reading them.

P.s. if it was a list of 11, I think I’d include laconic or pithy as well (I need to say more with less!).




Oh yes, I have a store in Mike’s Short Step City!

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Yes, the next step in my modeling project is complete. I added a mercantile to my modeled city. The city is called Short Step city as the gallow is just a short step from the church.

The name was suggested by Dylan and as he is the city’s name giver I decided to create Dylan’s mercantile in his honor.

Hope you like it,


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One of my early demos.

‘Caustic Rivers’ Demo (Instrumental)
‘Caustic Rivers’ Lyrics

Verse 1

Hey, are they looking at you?
The feelings come too;
But it’s nothing new;
‘Coz they’re all in your head;

Hey, are they talkin ’bout me?
But they’ll never be;
As good as me;
‘Coz they’re all in my head;

Turning to stare;
Emotions all flare;
You bet them to dare;
To place a finger on you…

Chorus 1

…You find yourself;
Fighting demons in your bed;
And you;
with caustic rivers from your head;
And you;
Don’t even realise you’re dead;

How many times do we need to be told?
Divide and conquer’s all we’ve ever known;
Those on your fists they are your family;

Verse 2

Hey is she looking at me?
Well I’d better be;
Anyone but me;
So she can see who I am;

Face on the floor;
Another closed door;
God I want more;
And it’s all in her hands;

Walking away;
The feelings okay;
Coz maybe I’ll pray;
To make tomorrow my day…

Chorus 2

…I find myself;
Fighting demons in my bed;
And me;
with caustic rivers from my head;
And I;
Don’t even realise I’m dead;

I think it’s ’bout time that we realised;
That promised mornings;
Don’t alway make us shine;
Stand on your feet and let your own light lead;

Verse 3

See me today;
I’m fading away;
Well I wish I could stay;
To see another few days;

I see in our eye;
We don’t feel the sky;
And I wish I could die;
To make some feelings come my way;

Hoping for more;
Like a knock on the door;
Or a shock to the core;
How have we come to feel this way?

Chorus 3

We find ourselves fighting demons in our beds;
Us, with caustic rivers from our heads;
We, don’t even realise we’re dead;

It’s good to know that rivers will run dry;
And nightly creatures, come morning, always die;
Stiffen up your lip you are your family

‘A Million War Horns’ was the first song that I ever wrote, I still like it. The lyrics are written, but no vocals recorded yet (as with all my other songs).

I need to do a lot more work on this to get it to a finished state, but thought I’d upload to see what people thought.

‘A Million War Horns’ Demo (Instrumental)
‘A Million War Horns’ Lyrics

Paper Snakes laugh as they hear;
A Million War Horns sound in fear;
The blinded weep, but do they fall?
Like broken mortar from their wall;
Their entertainers dance on strings;
As their cynosures become all things;
Leads to brothers passing by;
As the Million War Horns shake the sky;


As delusion trails our skies with blight;
We ask ourselves, ‘where do we fight?’
As plastic heroes rise and fall;
We find ourselves back in their wall;
With crooks and canines shining bright;
We ask our prophets, ‘where do we fight’?
With processed souls, manufactured meat;
The Million War Horns fill the streets;


Unaware of see-through masks;
And breaking backs beneath the tasks;
Engineered from the Hill;
But nothing’s static, nothing’s still;
Forever waiting for their chance;
To change their step within the dance;
With saviours beaten down in pain;
The Million War Horns break their chains;


As waking pieces glimpse their fate;
The jaundiced eye shifts its weight;
Off its point, ready to fall;
Down that triangular wall;
To the base and to the feet;
Of the Million War Horns in the street;
They’re silent now, but ready to soar;
As the Million War Horns become more!


Mike’s little city has been Christened.

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Yes, My little city now has a name ( Thanks Dylan ! )
It’s called short step city ( as the gallows are just a short step away from the church )

I added the wagon !


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