Napoleon Hill

Principles of Success

Compliments of the erstwhile legend Mr Hill (et al.): -

  1. Find a Definite Chief Aim;
  2. Establish a Mastermind Alliance;
  3. Develop a Pleasing Personality;
  4. Use Applied Faith;
  5. Go the Extra Mile;
  6. Create Personal Initiative;
  7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude;
  8. Controlled Enthusiasm;
  9. Enforce Self-Discipline;
  10. Think Accurately;
  11. Control your Attention;
  12. Inspire Teamwork;
  13. Learn from adversity and defeat;
  14. Cultivate Creative Vision;
  15. Maintain Sound Health;
  16. Budget time and money;
  17. Use Cosmic Habit Force.

I’ll give my take on each of these principles in future posts.

I would recommend the following Napoleon Hill books and recordings to anyone interested in developing or improving a success-consciousness: -

  • Think and Grow Rich (obviously!);
  • Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success;
  • Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules;
  • The Teachings of Napoleon Hill;
  • What would Napoleon Hill Do?;
  • Your Right to be Rich;
  • Napoleon Hill in his own voice;
  • Outwitting the Devil;

Principles of Animation

  1. Timing & Spacing
  2. Pose-to-Pose
  3. Straight Ahead
  4. Follow-Through & Overlapping Action
  5. Secondary Action
  6. Squash & Stretch
  7. Exaggeration
  8. Arcs
  9. Ease-in & Ease-out
  10. Anticipation
  11. Appeal
  12. Staging
  13. Solid Drawing

These basic principles are well known by most animators; I’ll explore each one individually in future posts.

Our forum’s first anniversary

Originally posted on My Drawing Table:


Our forum Pixels ( ) is one month old !
The forum is intended for Modelers, Riggers, Animators and Designers.
It contains book and hardware reviews, video tutorials, interviews with animation professionals, tips & tricks and much, much more.

After our first month we are happy to say that we were able to welcome 5000 visitors from over 27 different countries.

Now although we are very pleased with the number of guests checking out our forum, we are really looking for contributors and signups. The more people that post, share, teach and learn, the more valuable the forum will become. So if you are a digital artist into modeling, rigging, animating or designing, please check us out !

We are looking forward to say hi !

Mike Hermes

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Gran Torino (Demo)

I wrote this song immediately after watching the film ‘Gran Torino’ starring Clint Eastwood, therefore that’s what I called it. I’ve only recorded one verse and it was produced mainly using Garage Band instruments therefore I haven’t really performed most of it myself, something which I’ll do in the future. Currently working on the lyrics, therefore will record a vocal track in due course. I hope you enjoy it, any feedback would be welcomed.

‘Gran Torino’ Demo (Instrumental)

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